Use this page to manage safeguarding records for children in your school.

Navigation: Dashboard.

Safeguard Dashboard
Smoothwall Monitor - View Alerts Opens the Smoothwall Monitor page, so that you can view alerts raised by the Monitor system and either assign it to the child's chronology or Ignore the event.
New Concern(s) - View Latest Concerns Opens the New Concerns page, so that you can manage all the concerns that have been raised but not marked as read.
Open Concerns - View Open Opens the Open Concerns page, so that you can manage all the concerns that have been marked as read but not closed.
Incidents - View Incidents Opens the Unread Incidents page, so that you can manage all the incidents that have been logged but not marked as read.
View Settings Opens the User Manager page so that you can manage your Safeguard users. This only appears if you have turned off the Behaviour Incidents on the Software Settings page.
Monitored Children - View Monitored Opens the Monitored Children page, so that you can manage all the students with the Monitored tag attached to their profile.
New Early Help - View Early Help Opens the New Early Help page, so that you can manage Early Help reports or concerns that haven't been marked as read.
Open Referrals - View Referrals Opens the Referrals page, so that you can manage children's records that have been referred to an agency, for example, social services.
Below % - View Attendance Opens the Attendance Alerts (Below %) page, so that you can manage all the children's records whose attendance has fallen below the threshold that you set in settings.
Transfers - View Transfers Opens the Current Transfers page so that you can manage the transfer of students' records.
Notifications To Read
Full Name The student's full name.
Notes The contents of the notifications.
Actions You can open the student's profile or mark the notification as read to remove it from this list.
Assigned to me
Photo Shows a photo of the child.
Full Name The full name of the child.
Class Indicates what class the child is in.
Year Indicates what year the child is in.
House Indicates what house in the school, the child is in.
Tags Shows any tags against the child's record.

Any actions that you can take. For example, view the child's record, create a safeguarding concern, behavioural incident, or early help log, or unassign the child from yourself.

Action Description
View Opens the Student Profile page.

Opens the page where you can create records for:

  • Safeguarding
    • Raise a new concern
    • Record a physical intervention
    • Log communication
  • Behaviour Incidents
    • Log a new behaviour incident
    • Add an incident update
  • School Based Early Help
    • Log a new early help entry
Unassign Removes you from the tag assigned to the student. The student is removed from the table.