Current Transfers

Use this page to review and authorise the transfer of students' records to their new schools.

Navigation: Dashboard > View Open Referrals.

Open Referrals
Transfer All Releases the outbound listed student's records and sends them to their new school's Safeguard Record Manager. Once, you have sent the student's record, you can't access it anymore. Therefore, if you want to keep a copy of the record, save it as a PDF before you click Transfer All.
UPN The unique pupil number (UPN) is a 13-character code that identifies each pupil in the local-authority-maintained school system, see the UK governments guidance on Unique pupil numbers.
Full Name The student's full name.
New School The school to where the student is transferring to.
Status Indicates the progress of the student's transfer.
Actions - View Opens the Student Profile page.