About student transfers

When a child starts or leaves school and they are moving between schools that use Safeguard, they appear in this list but only if there is information recorded on them at the inbound school and that school uses Safeguard.

Safeguard integrates with your school's management information system (MIS), including but not limited to:

  • SIMS
  • Bromcom
  • Arbor
  • WCBS
  • Progresso
  • isams
  • schoolpod
  • engage
  • scholarPack
  • RM Integris
  • pupilasset
  • Furlong


When the inbound school adds the student's unique pupil number (UPN) to their MIS, Safeguard moves the student to the outbound transfer list. You need to authorise the transfer before the inbound school can view the student's previous records and chronology, see our help topic, Managing student record transfers. When you transfer a student, this moves the child’s records to the new school.

If they are at your school and are not moving, you can cancel the transfer. This can sometimes happen when the previous school has not removed them from roll.


Any students in your inbound section requires the previous school to transfer them. The student's transfer status shows as pending until the school transfers them and then this shows as complete. When the transfer is complete, you can view all the previous history and chronology. You can't search for the student until the previous school has transferred them.

Non-Safeguard transfers

If the inbound school doesn't have Safeguard, you can still share the student's records with them either by emailing a secure link to their record online or as a PDF attached file. You need to make sure that the receiving school allows the email from Safeguard. This is also covered in our Managing student record transfers help topic.

Missing Students

If you have missing students, check that your MIS has the correct unique pupil number (UPN).