Reviewing new concerns raised by other staff members

Note: You can also see unread concerns or incidents for a student on their profile under the Current Concerns / Incidents section.


  1. On the Dashboard, click View Latest Concerns.
  2. To view the concern raised for a student, in the Results table, on the row for the student, click View.
  3. On the Student Profile page, scroll down to the student's Chronology and see the concern details.
  4. On the concern, click Options:
    • To remove the concern from the new concerns list but keep it in the open concerns list, click Mark as Read.
    • To remove the concern from all lists, click Mark as Closed.
    • To send a notification to the member of staff who raised it, click Reply to Staff.
      • If you want to copy any other members of staff in, type their email address in the Also send to box.
      • Type your Message and click Send Message. The secure message is sent to the member of staff and added to student's Chronology.
    • To review physical marks on the student, click View Body Map.

Follow-up tasks

  • Managing open concerns.
  • To remove a concern, in the top right of the concern, click , type the reason for your request and click Request Removal.

Note: This can take up to 48 hours to be removed because this is reviewed by our team and then removed for you.