Adding a concern record

Note: Some of these features might have been hidden by your designated safeguard lead (DSL).


  1. In the Search box, type the student's name and click Search. You can search with part or all of the student's name. For example, if you want to search for Gary Barnett, you can type in Gary and all the students with this name appear in the results table.
    • If you can't find the student, check that you are searching for the correct name. On Record Manager, we use the students legal name, not their known by name.
    • If you still can't find the student, make sure that they are on-roll, have a valid non-temporary UPN, and are not pending transfer from another school. You might need to speak to your designated safeguarding lead (DSL) about this.
  2. In the Results table, find the student that you want to create a new concern for and in the Actions column, click Create.
  3. On the next page, under the Safeguarding section, within the Safeguarding Concern box, click Raise Concern Now.
  4. On the New Safeguarding Concern for {student name} page:
    1. Under the Categories section, select those that apply. You can place your mouse over the individual categories for a description.
      • If you don’t select a category, this is recorded as "Other". It’s important to choose a category that is relevant to the concern that you’re raising, because this impacts the reports that the DSL team run.
      • If you raise a concern with the wrong category, a DSL member might ask you to raise it again.
    2. In the Concern box, type a description of your concern.
    3. In the Were any other staff members involved? box, type anything to identify other staff involved in the concern
    4. If any other students were involved, from the Include Other Children list, select the name of the student involved.
    5. If the concern applies to the family and the student has siblings at the same school, you can select to Include Siblings on this concern. To replicate this concern on the siblings records too, click the No toggle so that it says Yes.
    6. To send a notification about this concern, from the Notify Staff list, select the staff member. This sends the staff member an email to say that they have a notification to read.
    7. Click Create Concern.
  5. After raising the concern, if you want to highlight any physical marks on the student, click Add Body Map.
  6. Using your mouse cursor, click and drag the cursor to draw a red line over the area of any physical marks and click Save Image.