About the dashboard

The Safeguard Dashboard is the first page that you see when you first log in. If you have Smoothwall Monitor managed service, you can see any alerts raised by it.

You can quickly view a list of all the students who have:

  • had a concern raised by a member of staff.
  • had a concern raised by a member of staff that's been reviewed by a designated safeguarding lead.
  • had a behaviour incident raised by a member of staff.
  • been tagged as being monitored. Perhaps because they are classed as vulnerable.
  • had an early help logged against them.
  • been referred to an external agency, for example, social services.
  • fallen below the set attendance percentage.
  • been marked as transferring to or from another school.

You can also see a list of notifications that you have been tagged in, and any students that have been tagged with you as the assigned to tag.