About Smoothwall Monitor alerts

Ofsted inspectors look for evidence that you oversee the safe use of electronic and social media by staff and learners and take action immediately if they are concerned about bullying or risky behaviours.

If you have Smoothwall's Monitor managed service product, you can see any alerts raised in Safeguard and add alert information to a student's profile chronology or you can ignore it. However, you need to turn this on in Safeguard, see our help topic, Turning on integration with Smoothwall Monitor Managed Service.

Smoothwall's Monitor managed service is a product that sees everything that your students type on their devices and passes this to a human monitoring team. It has a set of categories and risk levels that when a student types something on their device that matches any of these, it raises an alert. It captures the text typed and, only when requested by the monitoring team, captures a screenshot. However, you need to log into Smoothwall Monitor to see any screenshots.

The product also builds a profile of each student so that it doesn't raise alerts that aren't warranted. Also, the monitoring team use more than just the text that triggered an event to put it into context and decide whether an alert should be raised and by what means. Depending on the severity of the alert, the monitoring team, raise an event in the Monitor portal, these are the alerts that show in Safeguard. They might also send an email to the designated safeguarding lead or phone the safeguarding contact provided in the Monitor portal.

To read more about Smoothwall's Monitor managed service product, see our online help, Smoothwall Monitor Managed Service.