Managing student record transfers


If both outbound and inbound schools use Safeguard Record Manager:

  1. On the Dashboard, click View Transfers.
  2. In the Outbound Transfers section, click Transfer All.

If the inbound school doesn't use Safeguard Record Manager:

  1. Use the Search to find the student.
    • If you have removed the unique pupil number (UPN) from your school's management information system (MIS), in the navigation pane, click Archived Children.
  2. In the Results table, for the child that you want to transfer records for, in the Actions column, click View.
  3. On the Student Profile page, click Options:
    • To give the inbound school one time secure access to all the student's chronology:
      1. Click Share Record.
      2. On the Shared Data Requests page, type the Recipient Email Address.
      3. Click Share.
      4. Tip: To ensure that the email from Safeguard can be received by the school, we recommend that you tell the school to whitelist the email address: [email protected].

    • To download a PDF version of the Student's record:
      1. Click Download PDF.
      2. Note: The preview of any uploaded documents might not be correctly displayed. You might need to download these separately and send them on.

      3. In the Document Security dialog box, either:
        • Type a Password and click Save PDF. This is more secure.
        • Just click Save PDF without a password. This is less secure.
      4. Email the PDF to the school. Remember to let the school know the password that you set to open the PDF. You should not include this in the same email that you send the PDF.