Capture listing Page

Use this page to view all the captures within the time frame shown.

Navigation: Word and Phrase monitoring > Capture listing.

Clear Removes all the applied filters to show all the data in your selected view.
TYPE Filters the data to only display captures for screenshots or keyboard captures.
CAPTURE THEME Filters the data for captures based on a specific theme such as "strong swear words" or "predators and strangers."
GROUPS Indicates the type of groups that you can search for. The default is "Overall," this displays all the data. Select anything other than "Overall" to display the LIST field.
LIST Only selected This field only displays once you select your GROUPS type. It filters the data for your choice, either with it included or excluded depending on your selection. Clicking Only selected or Exclude selected opens a list where you can choose your preference.
PERIOD Filters your data by a predefined duration.
CUSTOM PERIOD Filters your data by the duration that you want to view captures for. You can't select TO beyond today's date but FROM can be any date in the past.
CAPTURE STATUS Filters if the captures shown by all inclusive of false positives, unactioned captures, graded captures or just the captures marked as false positives.
PREGRADE Filters the data for the selected grade. You need to select the appropriate grade number to view captures for that grade.
CAPTURE Contains Filters the data by your entered term either with the term included or excluded depending on your selection. Clicking Contains opens a list where you can select your preference.
Hide sidebar Collapses the Filters section to give you more space to go through the captures. Click the box to expand it again.
ASSIGNED FILTERS Any previous applied filters used to shape the data shown can be removed to increase the spread of data. 

The grade levels of the capture. These are scaled from one to five with one being the least and five being the most serious level of incident.

F/P Indicates if the capture was a false positive.
Capture Gives you an idea of what the captures is. You can click on this to open up the captures
User name The student's username who triggered the capture.
Device name The name of the machine that the user was using when the capture was triggered.
Date When the capture was taken.
Apply Confirms your selected grade and changes the capture status from pregraded to graded.
Export as The list of formats that you can export your data to.
50 On page Indicates the maximum rows of captures is shown on your current page. The default is 50.
Page number Indicates how many pages of captures you have in total.
Views Three different options on how to view your capture list. You can just view the captures in a list, as thumbnails or a split view, where you click on one capture at a time to view the image and add comments.