About the capture heatmap

The capture heatmap gives you an overall idea of which words or phrases were captured for your selected group and duration.

Each circle on the heatmap represents a captured word or phrase. The color and position of the circle indicates the grade severity level of the word or phrase, either pregraded or graded depending on your filters. The size of the circle reflects how many times the word or phrase was captured. For example, the bigger the circle indicates that the word or phrase was captured more than other phrases in smaller circles.


Smoothwall Monitor Self-service contains its own intelligence called pregrading, which examines the captures and assigns a potential severity level from low to high. The severity level is based on the word or phrase captured and other factors. The level goes from low to high and the data is read from the bottom where captures are yellow to the top where they are red. In this way, Monitor helps to bring important captures to your attention. The pregrades are there to assist you and highlight captures of potential interest. You should not use them as an instruction to only concentrate on red captures or that very red captures are a definite indication of misuse.


The capture heatmap provides three views. The display by capture count shows the objects with the highest volume of pregraded captures, whereas the display by high risk percentage or count shows objects with the highest percentage or amount of high risk pregraded captures.