Investigating and grading captures

Tip: You can grade a capture or mark it as a false positive from the captures row in the list without opening the image. At the end of the capture row to accept the pregrade click Apply or in the Grade column, click the grade that you want to assign. To mark the row as a false positive, place your mouse cursor over the capture row and click the F in a circle that appears. The capture might disappear from the view depending on your assigned filters.


  1. Click the Word and Phrase monitoring tab, and then click Capture listing.
  2. To open the image for the capture, avoiding the Grade and False Positive buttons, click anywhere else on the capture row.
  3. Note: This may be an offensive image so be prepared for this possibility.

  4. To help you identify the usage of the capture, click Enlarge image.
  5. Tip: You can cycle through the captures using the left and right arrows at the side of the image.

  6. To store the capture image locally so that you can use it later, click Download image with details.
  7. To grade the capture, under the image, you can either accept the pregrade, shown by the colored doughnuts, and click Apply or click the doughnuts to set the grade level, turning the grade into solid circles.
  8. To mark the capture as a false positive, click F/Positive.
  9. To add a description to the capture, in the COMMENTS box, type your comment and click the send icon, .

Note: When you close the capture image and return to the Capture listing Page page, the capture might have disappeared from the view due to the ASSIGNED FILTERS shown at the top of the page.