Capture heatmap Page

Use this page to view the capture statistics for a group's data that you can view for a selected date range.

Navigation: Word and Phrase monitoring > Capture heatmap.

Clear Removes all the applied filters to show all the data in your selected view.
TYPE Filters the data to only display captures for screenshots or keyboard captures.
CAPTURE THEME Filters the data for captures based on a specific theme such as "strong swear words" or "predators and strangers."
GROUPS Indicates the type of groups that you can search for. The default is "Overall," this displays all the data. Select anything other than "Overall" to display the LIST field.
LIST Only selected This field only displays once you select your GROUPS type. It filters the data for your choice, either with it included or excluded depending on your selection. Clicking Only selected or Exclude selected opens a list where you can choose your preference.
PERIOD Filters your data by a predefined duration.
CUSTOM PERIOD Filters your data by the duration that you want to view captures for. You can't select beyond today's date for the TO field but FROM can be any date in the past.
Hide sidebar Collapses the Filters section to give you more space to go through the captures. Click the box to expand it again.
Capture heatmap  
Graded Captures Filters the view to show only the captures that you have already looked at and selected a grade for.
Unactioned Captures Filters the view to only show the captures that you have yet to assign a grade.
Top words Indicates how many words are shown in the current view out of the total captures taken for your applied duration and group. For example, Top 50 words (out of 3000 words total). You could reduce the Period to a specific date at a time by choosing custom dates to make sure you see more of the words and phrases.
DISPLAY BY Changes the view to show the data by capture count, high risk percentage or by high risk count.
Number of Captures Focuses on captures with more than a certain amount of captures from each individual. If you are faced with many circles, there are different ways to reduce the amount displayed to a more acceptable level.
Circle The circle displays the word that was captured and the color indicates the pregraded severity of the word or phrase. The size of the circle indicates the number of times that word or phrase was captured.