About capture listings

The capture listing is a list of all the captures within the period shown, for example, the last 24 hours, either by user or by device where the capture originated.

There are three views. The list view shows only rows of data showing the pregrade applied, the User name, the Device name and the Date and time of capture. When you click on an entry in the list view, the capture view window opens to show the image capture.

Note: This may be an offensive image so be prepared for this possibility.

The grid view shows a thumbnail of each capture so that you can grade or discount them from further examination. This can be a quicker method of viewing multiple captures together.

The split view shows the list of captures with the selected capture shown in a window beside it.

From either of these views the selection of data shown can be modified using the filters, for example, to only show data for a specific theme or group.