About risk grading and profiling

The risk grading and profiling page helps you identify users that are creating captures of interest. You can use the filters to modify the data view by capture theme, groups, user and duration.

Each doughnut represents a user by default, but you can also show for devices, user groups or device groups depending on the filters you have applied. The colors represent the grade of the user's captures and the number in the middle indicates the amount of captures they generated. You can see data as a percentage of perceived risk by placing your mouse cursor over the doughnut or order the display by the high-risk percentage. The user is rated higher if their percentage of captures are high or medium grades as opposed to the total number of captures they have generated. If you click on a doughnut, Smoothwall Monitor Self-service opens the Capture listing page filtered by that user.

The By High Risk (Count) display shows the users who have the highest amount of high or medium captures from the time period selected. You can view the risk grading and profile data for unactioned data and graded data, perhaps to show a history of incidents.

The General Trends graph further down the page, maps the data doughnuts to a graph of date and time. This helps you pinpoint when data was generated. At the very bottom of the page, a zoomed out smaller version of the graph shows a longer duration. You can click and drag the blue box to slide it to the left or right to move the larger graph along the timeline or click on the left or right arrows next to the graph.