Monitoring setup - User Groups / Device Groups Page

Use this page to configure settings for your user groups or device groups. For example, turning on silent mode, set up email alerts, which are sent to administrators when a user exceeds a set threshold of taken captures. You can also change configuration settings for the acceptable use policy or AUP display for users when they log on to a device with Smoothwall Monitor Self-service client software installed to it.

Tip: Smoothwall Monitor Self-service validates the words that you enter in each list. Therefore, you can't accidentally enter a word in the ignore section that has already been used in the monitor section.

Navigation: Monitoring setup > User Groups.

User Groups
User Group The column header and search box for the list of available user groups available for you to configure.
Edit Groups Opens the User Groups page so that you can add new user groups and edit existing ones.
Options Once you select a user group, shows the Client Mode settings.
Word & Phrase Monitoring Once you select a group, shows the settings for Custom Words & Phrases to Monitor, Words & Phrases to Ignore, Actions, Alerts, and Word & Phrase Themes To Monitor.
AUP Once you select a group, shows the settings for AUP Settings and AUP Message.
Expands or collapses all the options in the section.
Save Saves your changes.
Reset Resets any setting that you've changed back to what is was before you changed it.

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