About user groups

User groups apply your configured monitoring settings to all the users assigned to that group. Therefore, you can have different monitoring settings for different groups of monitored users. For example, for older students you might want to ignore some words or phrases that are more commonly used by older students. However, those same words and phrases might be more inappropriate for younger students and you want to monitor for those words or phrases.

When you install the Monitor Self-Service client on your users devices they are placed in a default user group based on the type of device that they are using. For example, pcusers, macusers or chromebookusers. You can then create new groups and bulk move the users that you want into another new user group. To create a new user group, see the help topic, Creating user groups. To move users between user groups, see the help topic, Moving a user to another user group.

If you no longer want to keep the user group you can delete the user group and move all the users in the group to another group.