Setting up the acceptable user policy (AUP)

Note: You might not have permissions to do this.


  1. Click Monitoring setup, and then click either User Groups or Device Groups.
  2. Search for and then click the group that you want to configure.
  3. Click AUP and then AUP Settings to expand the section.
    • If you want the AUP message to show each time a user logs on, select the Display AUP at every login option.
      • Next, click AUP Message to expand the section and enter a Title and Text Content for your AUP message.
      • Tips:

        • You can use the edit toolbar options to customize your text.
        • You can also copy and past text from other applications.
        • You can insert an image by pointing to a hosted graphic.

    • If you don't want the AUP to show each time a user logs on, clear the option.
    • Note: If you switch off the AUP, the changes won't appear until the users in the group log on again.

  4. Once you are finished, click Save to confirm your changes.