About Themes

Themes are list of words grouped into categories that you can assign to user and device groups.

You can manage theme assignment in two ways. You can select a group and assign multiple themes from the available list. Alternatively, you can select a specific theme and choose multiple groups to assign the theme. The following table provides a list of themes available for selection and viewing:

Word & Phrase Themes

Theme Description
Overall Shows all available themes.
Acronyms and general slang Commonly used abbreviations and slang that might include inappropriate content.
Admin Shows all words defined by administrator of the application.
Drugs and addiction Drug and addiction related content.
Mild swear words and profanities Basic swearing, insults and rude words. General words you might encounter everyday or in films and the media.
Network security and piracy Terminology that might indicate hacking, phishing, snooping, piracy and other illegal IT activity.
Pornographic content Words that might indicate pornographic or sexually inappropriate web sites.
Predators and strangers Common predatory terms and phrases that might indicate inappropriate conversations and activity.
Prevent Content related to Government counter-terrorism measures that seek to protect the national infrastructure, prevent Cyber terrorism and understand the causes of radicalization.
Racism and violence Content that might indicate offensive remarks, racism, bullying, incitement to harm and other hate related inappropriate behavior.
Sex words and slang Explicit phonographic sex words and slang as commonly found on adult and hard core sex material.
Sexual health and biology Words used to describe sexual organs, sexual issues and sexual terms.
Strong swear words and profanities Explicit and more specialized swearing and profanity. Stronger and more unusual types of words.
Suicide and health Content related to physical, moral and mental health and well-being. Usage might indicate depression, anxiety, bullying and self harm.
Undefined All words that does not fit in any listed category.