Monitoring and managing your session - list view



  • To amend the list of students in an active session, click the Students tab, select a student that you want to add or clear a selected student to remove them and click Update students.
  • To open a website on all your student's screens, click Send link, enter the website address of the site that you want to open and click Open link.
  • To gain the attention of all your students and lock their screens, click Lock all.
    • To release them again, click Unlock all.
  • To gain an individual student's attention, click the lock next to their name.
    • To release the screen, click the unlock.
  • To quickly see a student's activity, click the arrow to expand the view and see what other websites they are looking at.
    • To close the tab for a website that a student has open, click X next to the website address.
    • Tip: To view the website that the student has open, click the website address to open it in another tab within your browser.

  • To see what a student is looking at in more detail and what other sites they have open in their browser, click the student's name.
  • To find a particular student, you can either click the Name column header to change the order of the names alphabetically or you can enter their name in the Filter field.
  • To view all of your students' screens click the thumbnail view.
  • When your class is over, you can let your session end automatically or you can end the session now by clicking End session.
    • When you end a session, if you have taken any snapshots, you are taken to the Snapshots page. Otherwise, you are taken to the My classes page. You can download any snapshots that you want and then click the back arrow to take you back to the My classes page.

WARNING: Download and save any snapshots that you want to keep before ending your session. All your snapshots are deleted after you end your session.

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