About class activity sessions

The Class Activity page is where you can monitor and manage what your students are looking at. You can manage your session with two views. List view and grid view. List view shows a list of your students and all the tabs that they have open, whereas grid view shows you the live feed of each of your students' screens.

In both views you can force open a link on your student's screens, lock and unlock all the screens, lock and unlock an individual student's screen, view the time remaining in the session, and end the session early.

In the grid view you can see the live feed from all of your students' screens, take snapshots, try to connect a student again if the connection failed. If on the grid thumbnail session view, you see that a student has something else open other than the Chrome browser and you click Take snapshot, Classroom Manager only takes a snapshot of the active Chrome browser tab. You won't see other open windows that are in front of the browser.

You can see if a student is connected by the colored dot. Green means that they're connected, amber means that they're connecting and red means that they're disconnected and you might need to click Try again.

In the list view you can see other open tabs and force close any of the open tabs for a student. Favicons are not always shown for websites.