Monitoring and managing your session - grid view



  • To amend the list of students in an active session, click the Students tab, select a student that you want to add or clear a selected student to remove them and click Update students.
  • To open a website on all your student's screens, click Send link, enter the website address of the site that you want to open and click Open link.
  • To gain the attention of all your students and lock their screens, click Lock all.
    • To release them again, click Unlock all.
    • Notes:
      • If you lock the screen but still see activity, this is because the student can still search google but after they press enter, they will then see a block page.
      • Sometimes, for example, when you open Classroom Manager in a new tab and reconnect to the session, existing student thumbnails show "Awaiting screen share" when they have already shared their screen and are not shown the screen share prompt. To remedy this, click the individual student name or another tab and click back into the session tab, which will resolve the video stream.
  • To gain an individual student's attention, click the lock on their card.
    • To release the screen, click the unlock.
  • To take a screen shot image of the student's activity, place your cursor over the student's activity display thumbnail and click Take snapshot.
    • Click the Snapshot tab to view all the Snapshots that you have taken and download all of them or the individual ones that you want.
    • If the student's activity display thumbnail is blank, try clicking the student's name to open the individual view and then back to the session view.
  • To reconnect a student that has been disconnected, indicated by a red dot, on the thumbnail for the student, click Try again.
    • If the student is disconnected and the Try again button doesn't appear, try going to the Student tab and remove the student, and then re-add the student to the session.
  • To see what a student is looking at in more detail and what other sites they have open in their browser, click the student's name.
  • To find a particular student, enter their name in the Filter field.
  • If you navigate away from the browser or lose your connection, you can resume the session in the browser and on the snack bar, click Reconnect.
  • When your class is over, you can let your session end automatically or you can end the session now by clicking End session.
    • When you end a session, if you have taken any snapshots, you are taken to the Snapshots page. Otherwise, you are taken to the My classes page. You can download any snapshots that you want and then click the back arrow to take you back to the My classes page.

WARNING: Download and save any snapshots that you want to keep before ending your session. All your snapshots are deleted after you end your session.

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