Session - grid view Page

Use this page to see what your students are looking at and take action to get them back on track.

Navigation: Sync classes from Google > Class > Start session > Grid view.

Class activity - grid view
Students Opens Students tab with the list of students in the session.
Session The Session tab that you are in.
Snapshots Opens the Snapshots tab so you can download any snapshots that you have taken of students' screens.
Send link Opens the Send link to all students dialog box so that you can enter a website address and open it on all screens. However, HTTPS is appended to the URL by default. For example, if you enter, the browser opens You can override this by entering If a student doesn't have their browser open the link won't open. Therefore, you need to make sure that your students have their browsers open before you send the link.
Lock all Locks all of your student's browsers so that they can focus on what you are talking about. Whilst the lock screen is active, a message is displayed to the student and they can't see the content on their browser. Even if a student opens another tab the content is still covered by the lock message.
Unlock all Unlocks all of your student's browsers so that they can continue their work.
Time remaining Shows you how much time you have left in your session.
End session

Ends the session manually.

WARNING: All your snapshots are deleted after you end your session. Download and save any snapshots that you want to keep before ending your session.

List View Displays all of the students in a list where you can expand the view to see all of the tabs that the students' have open in the background.
Filter Filters the list by the students' name.
Take snapshot Takes a screen shot image of the student's activity and saves it to the Snapshots tab, where you can download it.
Try again If your student has failed to connect, this will appear so that you can try to connect the student again.
Connection status This is indicated by a green, amber or red dot. A green dot indicates that the student is connected. An amber dot indicates that the student is connecting. A red dot indicates that the student is disconnected. If the student's card shows an Out of range message, this means that you have IP restrictions turned on in the Smoothwall Administration Portal and the student's device is outside of the set public IP address range.
{Student Name} The full name of the student, click this to open the Individual student page. The green dot next to their name indicates that the student is connected and you can see the live activity on their screen. If this is red, you need to make sure that the student has clicked Share on their device.
Lock Locks the individual student's device so that you can get their attention.
Unlock Unlocks the individual student's device so that you can get their attention.
{N} Indicates the number of tabs that the student has open.