Managing student attendance and starting a session



Tip: You can select all available students by selecting the selection box at the top of the list. You view which students are connected and ready to start the session and which students are in another session. You can clear the End time by clicking the x.

  1. To remove a student that isn't present for the session, scroll to the student's name and clear the selection for that student.
  2. To adjust the end time:
    1. Place your mouse cursor over the End time and to amend the time, click on either the hour or minute and click up or down.
    2. Alternatively, click on the time and enter the time with your keyboard.
  3. Click Start session. and make sure all of your students click Share on their device. Their device will be locked until they click Share.


If you can't see a student in the list that you wanted to add, first check to see if they are in Google Classroom. If they aren't, you'll need to add them and then re-sync the list.

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