Physical Intervention for {student name}

Note: If you don't see this page, this means that this is turned off in your Software Settings, see our help topic, Managing your Safeguard Record Manager software settings.

Use this page to add a record of a physical intervention to a student's chronology.

Navigation: Search > Results > Students row > Create > Record Physical Intervention.

New Physical Intervention
Information Information detailed by your designated safeguarding lead (DSL).
Hold Used

The physical intervention used.

Hold used Description
Support and Guide An arm around the shoulders.
Single Person Seated You or someone else and the student sitting down when physical intervention took place.
Single Person Standing You or someone else and the student standing close when physical intervention took place.
Restrictive Level Two Seated Restrictive means to hold a person to prevent or disengage from harmful physical contact.
Restrictive Level Two Standing  
Restrictive Level Three Seated  
Restrictive Level Three Standing  
One Person - Standing / Walking  
Acceptable Touching  
Guiding Away (Two Elbow)  
Friendly Hold  
Single Elbow  
Double Elbow  
Wrap to Cradle  
Figure of Four Figure of four arm hold. When two staff members are either side of the student and block and then possibly hold an arm each.
Floor Hold  
Details The description of the physical intervention that took place.
Names of Staff Involved The name of any other members of staff who are involved.
How long was the intervention carried out for? An indication if this was just for a short time or a longer time.
Notify Staff

This only appears if the setting toggle is set to Yes, on the Software Settings page.

Any Safeguard user who is a member of staff. This sends them a secure email.

Date and Time of Intervention Opens a date picker so that you can select when the intervention occurred. If you don't pick a date, Safeguard logs it with the current date and time.
Record Physical Intervention Creates a record on the Student Profile page in the student's Chronology and places the student in the Latest New Concerns list for the DSL.