Managing your Safeguard Record Manager software settings


  1. On the top navigation menu, click and then Software Settings.
  2. Under the Information & Downloads section:
  3. Under the General Settings section, configure:
    1. To show or hide the Record Physical Intervention link shown under the Safeguarding section.
    2. To show or hide the entire Behaviour Incidents section.
    3. To show or hide the View Incidents button shown in the Actions column of the search results table listing students that you have searched for.
    4. To show or hide the Add Communications link shown under the Safeguarding section for normal staff users.
  4. Under the Attendance Alerts section, type the Percentage that you want as the threshold for which below a student is placed in the Attendance Alerts list.
  5. Under the Custom Student Tag section, type the Acronym letters that you want to show for your tag and type the full Name of the tag to show on reports.