Viewing events and messages


  1. From the top navigation, click Dashboard.
  2. Pick the From and To dates for the duration that you want to view data for.
  3. From the Actionable Events list, place your mouse over the risk category shown and the Total Events display changes to show the risk category name and the number of events for that category.
  4. Click on the risk category to open the Events page and see a list of the events raised for that risk category. The Events page opens with the risk category filter selected for the category that you clicked on and the highest three risk levels selected in the risk level filter.
  5. Tip: To remove the filters and view a list of all events for the selected duration, click Reset.

  6. To export the list of events, click Export csv, which generates and downloads a .csv spreadsheet with all the events listed in the view.
  7. Click the event to open the Messages page for that event. This is where you can view the Message capture to see what the student was typing on the device when the event was raised.
  8. In the Screenshot column, there might be a View screenshot link that you can click, which opens a new tab to display the image taken. This won't always be available.
  9. If there are not many message capture rows, you can remove the filter to see the rows without screenshots by clearing the Screenshots only option.
  10. To export the message captures, click Export csv., which generates and downloads a .csv spreadsheet with all the message captures and if there are any screenshots, a link to the screenshot.