Events Page

Use this page to view a list of events by profile by clicking the profile on the Dashboard page. You can also amend the filters to view events for various profiles and levels.

Navigation: Events / Dashboard > Actionable Event (Risk profile/category).

From Opens a date picker so that you can select the date that you want to filter by.
Search usernames Type the first three letters of the user you want to search for, and Smoothwall Monitor suggests a list of names so you that you can select one to filter the list by.
Select risk category Opens the list of risk categories that you can select to filter by.
Select risk levels Opens the list of risk levels that you can select to filter by.
Reset Clears the selected risk category and level filters to show all events for the selected date range.
Export csv Generates and downloads a .csv file. Consult your browser's help instructions to find out where it saves downloaded files and retrieve events.csv file. Consult your spreadsheet editor's help instructions to manage the data.
Risk level Indicates the risk level with an icon and number. One being the lowest and five being the highest. Clicking on an event opens the Messages page.
Username and organization Shows the username and their organization.
Risk category Indicates the risk category that the event falls into.
Event trigger Indicates why the monitoring team raised the event.
Date and time Indicates when the event was raised.