About messages

The messages page is where you can see where the device is located that triggered the alert, the captured content that triggered an alert and sometimes a screenshot to show what the user was doing when the alert was triggered. You can review the evidence and then decide on how to proceed.

The list of messages shown for an alert are the messages that were captured up to an hour before the alert was triggered.

Screenshots are not always available because our moderating artificial intelligence requests these and this happens approximately 10% of the time. However, you can see the captured text, which gives you a good indication of what the student was typing that triggered an alert.

If you have a lot of captured text rows for the alert, you can filter the list by rows that have a screenshot that you can view. You can also export the list of messages into a spreadsheet to save as evidence and share with colleagues.

Note: It's important to know that we only store captured messages and screenshots for up to 15 months. After this time, the information is permanently deleted.