About the dashboard

When a user types text on their device with the client software installed, Smoothwall Monitor starts to capture the words typed and sends it to our moderating team. The moderating team then analyze the captures and create profiles for users. Alerts are not just raised on what a user types at that moment in time but in conjunction with past behavior. For example, the user might be behaving out of the ordinary and has started to use a new term relating to drug use.

If the content falls into one of the risk profiles with a severity level between one and five, the moderating team raise an event alert in Monitor for you to review and act. The event alert shows against a risk category with a risk level. If the combination of the two requires it, as per the alert procedure, the moderation team also emails the alerting contacts and, in some cases, phones the school.

The dashboard shows you how many users have triggered an event, how many devices were used when an event was triggered and how many captures were sent to the moderating team. You can see how many events have been raised in total and drill down into the risk profile to view a list of the events. The page shows you data for the last five days by default, but you can amend this to extend the past date to view data for a longer duration. The Actionable Events section displays data filtered by date, hour and minutes but the Activity summary only show data filtered by the date and hour. For example, if you select to filter the data for this duration: 01/05/2019 12:15 pm to 01/05/2019 2:15 pm the results shown for the Activity section will be for the duration: 01/05/2019 12:00 pm to 01/05/2019 2:00 pm.