Messages Page

Use this page to view all the messages an hour prior to the triggered event.

Navigation: Events / Dashboard > Actionable Event (Risk profile/category) > Event.

Screenshots only Filters the list by captures that have screenshots. This is selected by default and you can clear this option to view all the messages that have been captured for the student, in the last hour prior to the event.
Export csv Generates and downloads the messages.csv file for the selected event. It doesn't include screenshots, but it does contain a link to the screenshot.
Date & Time When the capture was taken.
Host name The host name of the device that a message was captured on. This helps the alerting contact to physically locate a device that pupil was using.
Message capture The captured text sent to the moderation team.
Screenshot Opens a new tab within your browser with an image of what was on the device's screen that the student was using when the capture was triggered.