About student profiles

A student's profile page contains information from your management information system (MIS) and anything else that you want to record against the student in Safeguard. For example, concerns raised and being dealt with, physical intervention, communications, behaviour incident log or update, school based early help log and many other types of records.


Within a child’s record you can set tags that are specific to that child such as Child In Need or CP Plan. Most tags are synced with your MIS system so changing them here won’t be permanent. Most of the top 3 rows, excluding monitored and GIR are synced from your MIS system and should be changed there. The other tags including Monitored, Child In Need, Family In Need, CP Plan, Young Carer, Early Help, Referral, Health Care and the assigned to tag can be changed by clicking on it. The ‘X’ and green colour mean that that particular tag doesn’t apply to this child. The tick and a different colour mean they do apply.

Make a Referral

You can refer a student to an external agency and then record this on the student's profile, see our help topic, Referring a student to an agency.


This is the student's record of events and information. You can add information to it and lock it from being viewed or updated by other Safeguard users except yourself and one other user.


You can upload documents to a student’s chronology. Files must be under 10 MB. You can upload any type of file but PDFs work best.

Body Maps

You can hide the body maps in the chronology or view all the body maps combined at once. More recent body map markings show brighter on the combined view.


You can share the student's record by sending an email with a one-time link to view it online. If you make a mistake in who you send it to, you can cancel access to the link any time on the Shared Data Requests page.

You can download a summary of the chronology in a PDF, see an online evidential view, download a PDF and secure it with a password, download a secure PDF without staff names, print off a printer friendly version of the student's record and share the student's record with your early help teams.