Shared Data Requests

Use this page to email a recipient a one time use link that opens the student's profile record page with chronology online. You can see just the summary of all the share requests on the other Shared Data Requests page.

Navigation: Search > View > Options > Share Record.

New Share Request for {student name} ({year})
Recipient Email Address The email address of who you want to send the student's record to.
Share Sends an email to the listed recipient with a one-time link to view the student's record online.
All Requests
Share ID The unique ID of the share request.
Shared With The email address that the one-time link was sent to.
Used Indicates if the email recipient has clicked the one-time link included in the email.
Date Used Indicates when the link was used.
Actions If the link hasn't been used, you can cancel access to the student's record from the link send by clicking Cancel.