New Early Help Entry for {student's name}

Note: If you don't see this page, this means that this is turned off in your Software Settings, see our help topic, Managing your Safeguard Record Manager software settings.

Use this page to add an early help record to a student's chronology.

Navigation: Search > Results > Students row > Create > Log Early Help.

New Early Help Entry
Information Information detailed by your designated safeguarding lead (DSL).
Categories Description
Radicalisation Radicalisation happens when a person's thinking and behaviour become significantly different from how most of the members of their society and community view social issues and participate politically.
Self Harm Self-harm can take lots of physical forms, including cutting, burning, bruising, scratching, hair-pulling, poisoning and overdosing.
Cyber Bullying  
Mental Health  
Physical Health  
Gang Related Involvement  
Physical Appearance  
Medical Issues  
Home Issue / Family Concern  
Financial Hardship  
Details The description of the early help record.
Was there any other members of staff involved? The name of any other members of staff who are involved with the concern.
Include Other Children The name of any other students who are involved with the concern. This list is populated from your Safeguard that's linked to your management information system (MIS).
Include Siblings on this concern If the student has siblings at this school, they appear here and you can add this record to their chronologies too. If set to Yes, Safeguard adds this new record to the listed students' chronology too.
Notify Staff

This only appears if the setting toggle is set to Yes, on the Software Settings page.

Any Safeguard user who is a member of staff. This sends them a secure email.

Manual Date

This only appears if the setting toggle is set to Yes, on the Software Settings page.

Opens a date picker so that you can select when you want the early help record to appear in the student's chronology. If you don't pick a date, Safeguard logs it with the current date and time.

Create Early Help Entry Creates an early help entry record on the Student Profile page in the student's Chronology and places the student in the New Early Help list for the DSL.