Alerting / IT / Reporting contacts Page

Use this page to manage your contacts, which gives them access to Smoothwall Monitor. This means that they are send email alerts and, in some cases, receive phone calls for severe alerts.

Navigation: Organizations > Edit > Alerting contacts / IT contacts / Reporting contacts.

Alerting contacts
< Back to organizations Opens the Organizations page.
+ Add contact Opens the page in entry mode so that you can add a new contact.
Name The name of the contact. Alerting contacts receive alert emails and phone calls but IT and reporting contacts don't.
Email The email where the first login instructions, weekly dashboard emails and severe alerts are sent.
Phone number This needs to be a number where the alerting contact can be reached if the moderating team raises a serious alert that requires them to phone the alerting contact.
Receive weekly dashboard email Indicates that the contact is to receive the weekly report that is sent out on a Monday morning. The email shows you the number of users and devices that caused an alert and the amount of captures taken. It also shows you the number of actionable events by profile type. This option is not available for reporting contacts but as a reporting contact they receive this by default.
Cancel Appears in entry mode once you click + Add contact so that you can exit without adding a new alerting contact.
Save Appears in entry mode once you click + Add contact so that you can save your new alerting contact's details.