About alerting, IT and reporting contacts

It is important that you add your alerting, IT and reporting contacts separately, and add your alerting contact's direct email and phone number.

When the moderating team raises a high risk-level event, they need to contact the alerting contact as per the alert procedure, either by email or in some cases with a phone call. For security reasons, the team can't maintain a tree of contacts and can only speak to the alerting contacts defined within Smoothwall Monitor. If the main alerting contact isn't available on the phone number provided, the team might ask to speak to the next available person. You must ensure that anyone contacted with an issue is either able to advise the main alerting contact or take the call themselves.

IT contacts can create other IT and alerting contacts, see connected devices and perform other admin related activities but they don't receive the alerts.

Reporting contacts can only view the dashboard, view the alert matrix page and receive dashboard emails but can't create other contacts.

It's also important that you don't use generic email addresses for your alerting contacts, for example, [email protected], because the monitoring team can't be sure who they are sending alerts to. You need to add all the alerting contacts and their details so that the monitoring team can contact them. A generic email also becomes a problem if we need to investigate any email issues.