New Monitor User

Use this dialog box to add the details for a new Smoothwall Monitor Self-service user's account.

Navigation: Settings > Monitor User Management > New.

Login Details
FIRST NAME The user's first name, for example, Jane.
LAST NAME The user's last name, for example, Smith.
LOGIN NAME The user's username used to log into Monitor, for example, SmithJ.
ALIAS The user's alias, for example, Mrs. Smith.
USER TYPE A list of the types of access that your user needs to access.
CLIENT ID This only appears if you select a USER TYPE of anything other than "Administrator" and "Technician View". The default user type of "Limited User" means the user only has access to selected groups but can change the configuration of them as required, for example, to add a new word or phrase to capture. If the user should not be able to change such configuration select them to be a view only user instead. The "Technician" user type means the user can only confirm correct communication from clients and can't see any data generated by the clients or change any configuration.
Update This only appears after you have selected a client ID. You need to click this before you can add visible groups.
EMAIL The user's email address, where Monitor sends a confirmation email with a link to set their password.
Additional Details
COMPANY Additional information that you can hold on your safeguarding officers and other users.
Visible Groups
USER GROUPS The selected user or device groups that your user has access to within Monitor.
Login Options
Send Sends a recovery details email with a link to reset the users password.
Report recipient Adds the user to the recipients list so that they can receive reports by email.
Is Blocked Prevents the user from logging into Monitor.