Monitor User Management Page

Use this page to create or maintain accounts for your safeguarding officers or network technicians.

Navigation: Settings > Monitor User Management.

Monitor User Management Columns
GROUP TYPE Changes the SHOW INFORMATION FOR list so that you can select a user group or a device group.
SHOW INFORMATION FOR Filters the table by the selected user or device group. To filter by a device group, you need to choose the "Device group" from the GROUP TYPE list.

Opens the New Monitor User dialog box so that you can enter the details of the new user's account.

Tip: When you select a USER TYPE for anything other than "Administrator" and "Technician View", you must select a CLIENT ID and click Update before you can add Visible Groups for the account.

Refresh Reloads the table of accounts.

Indicates what the user type is for the account.

Tip: You can hover your mouse over Type to show the full user type.

Blocked Indicates that the user has the Is Blocked option selected on the Login Options tab on the Edit Monitor User dialog box.
Login Name The name of the safeguarding officer or technician.
Email The email address of the safeguarding officer or technician.
PCE Last Login When the Smoothwall Monitor Self-service user last logged into Policy Central Enterprise console, a legacy interface. This the same DNS but has /pceconsole at the end instead of /futurescloud or /portal.
Last Login When the user last logged into Monitor.
Last Action When the user last did something in the application. For example, graded a capture.
Edit Opens the Edit Monitor User dialog box so that you can amend the details for the user.
Delete Removes the user account from Monitor.