Creating a new monitor user account

  • Only Monitor and Site Admins have access to the Settings tab.
  • You can only have one Site Admin per a client ID.


  1. Click Settings and under the Monitor User Management section, click New.
  2. On the Login Details tab:
    1. Type the new user's FIRST, LAST NAME and their LOGIN NAME.
    2. Tip: The login name can be an email address for example, [email protected] but it doesn't have to be.

    3. You can also enter an ALIAS, which is just another name the person is known by. For example, Jenny Smith might be known by Miss. Smith.
    4. Choose the level of access for the user from the USER TYPE list. See the help topic, About monitor user management.
    5. Ensure that the MONITOR URL is the correct site for your user.
    6. If you are creating a site admin user, from the CLIENT ID list, select the client ID.
    7. Enter a valid EMAIL address for the user. This is where their confirmation email is sent.
  3. On the Additional Details, you can store information to further identify the user such as their telephone number.
  4. If you selected anything other than the "Site Admin" USER TYPE, on the Visible Groups tab, choose which user or device groups the user can see data from.
  5. If you want to make the user a report recipient, on the Login Options tab, select the Report recipient option.
  6. Click Save.

Note: If you add your user and after you close the confirmation get an error message that advises you that your client ID needs a group, you need to add a group under the Monitoring Setup tab.

Follow-up tasks

Smoothwall Monitor Self-Service sends an email to the email address used, prompting the created user to confirm their details. The user needs to click the link in this email to open the Details page, enter the password to use for this account and click to confirm these details.