About mobile proxy settings

You must turn on the Mobile Proxy feature on your Smoothwall before installing Connect Filter on your devices. This turns on proxy authentication for Connect Filter users.

Client key

Each device running Connect Filter must have a client key installed. Mobile proxy needs the client key to authenticate the device requesting web traffic redirection.

Server key

All Mobile Proxy servers listed in the Mobile Proxy servers section, must have the same Mobile Proxy server key installed. This forces Connect Filter to only use a limited number of Mobile Proxy servers. This has the advantage of load-balancing the web traffic from many Connect Filters across several Mobile Proxy servers.

You can install the server key using one of two methods:

  • By downloading it from the Smoothwall that supplied the Mobile Proxy client key, then manually uploading it to each Mobile Proxy server.
  • Replicating it from the Smoothwall that supplied the Mobile Proxy client key.

Your Smoothwall must be part of a centrally managed solution for the replication to be successful.

Connect filter

Connect Filter needs user authentication for both local and remote internet access. User names and passwords for Connect Filter users must be setup in your Smoothwall first, via your configured directory services, or as local users. Connect Filter also supports user authentication from account directories, such as Active Directory.