Managing the mobile proxy


On the WEB PROXY menu, under the Mobileproxy submenu, click Settings.

  • To turn on the mobile proxy:
    1. Under the Global options section, select Enable and click Save.
    2. Make sure that you click Restart Proxy when prompted.
    3. On the Smoothwall access page, add a new rule and from the Inbound interfaces list, select the relevant external interface and from the Services list, select the Mobile proxy server (61001).
    4. Note: You will need to open port 61001 on your Smoothwall Firewall to allow Connect Filter into the proxy from outside the network.

  • To generate the client key:
    1. Under the Manage Mobile Proxy keys section, click Download.
    2. Make sure that the device on a secure server can access the client key or download it to the device.
  • To generate the server key:
    1. Under the Manage Mobile Proxy keys section, click Advanced ».
    2. From the Download Mobile Proxy server key, click Download.
    3. Make sure that other Mobile Proxy servers can access it or manually upload it.
  • To upload a server key to the mobile proxy server manually:
    1. On the other Smoothwall, under the Manage Mobile Proxy keys section, click Advanced».
    2. Click Choose File and find the server key.
    3. Click Upload and the server key will be made available. Connect Filter will now be able to connect to the proxy server.

Follow-up task

Configure Mobile Proxy Local User credentials (See our help topic, Managing directories.):

  1. On the SERVICES menu, under the Authentication submenu, click Directories.
  2. Click to expand the Local users directory.
  3. Configure your Mobile proxy user accounts.