Settings Page

Use this page to enforce your organization's web content filtering policy on iOS and macOS clients and devices owned by your organization, wherever they are located.

Navigation: WEB PROXY > Mobileproxy > Settings.

Global options
Mobile Proxy Turns on the Mobile proxy. Make sure that you restart the proxy after you turn it on and configure the Smoothwall access rule for the mobile proxy.
Manage Mobile Proxy keys
Download Mobile Proxy client key Generates and downloads the client key so that you can make sure that the device on a secure server can access it or you can download it to the device.
Advanced » Expands the page so that you can view the other options.
Download Mobile Proxy server key Generates and downloads the server key so that you can make sure that other Mobile Proxy servers can access it.
Choose File Opens the Open dialog so that you can choose the key to upload.
Upload Uploads the server key to the mobile proxy server.
Remove Deletes the key file.