Add interface for IDex Client

Use this Dialog box to turn on interfaces configured on your Smoothwall.

Navigation: GUARDIAN > Client interfaces > IDex Client > Add interface.

Add interface for IDex Client
Interface The interface that you want to add. You can only select those interfaces that can't connect to the Internet, such as Basic or Internal interfaces, because IDex only works as an internal proxy. If you need external connectivity, for example, for those devices that are to be used off-site, we recommend that you use Connect Filter.

A TCP port number between 1 and 65535 inclusive. This is set to 1080 by default, the registered port for a SOCKS proxy (which is the type of proxy IDex is). However, you might find that your Windows clients and devices are blocked from communicating with the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall when outside your network and can't access the Internet. Typically, this is because many public networks, such as those found in hotels and wireless network hotspots, block traffic from using port 1080. Make sure that all devices that have IDex installed can access the configured port number.

Do not use the following ports:

Port Numbers Description
81 and 441 Used to connect to the administration user interface of the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall. To prevent you from being locked out of the user interface, you must not enter these ports.
222 Used to connect to the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall over SSH. To prevent you from being locked out, don't use this port number.
Any port number used in a Guardian authentication policy The Smoothwall Filter authentication policies are configured on the Policy wizard page, see our help topic, Creating authentication policies.

Additionally, the following ports can be used by the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall, but might not be used:

Port Numbers Description
80 and 443 Used by the User portal, Reverse proxy, and SSL VPNs, see our help topics, Creating User Portals and controlling what users can do, Managing the reverse proxy service and Setting up the SSL VPN.
800 Default port used by the Smoothwall Filter.
Comment An optional description for this interface.