Adding interfaces for IDex Client

Note: If your Smoothwall also uses the Connect Filter feature, you can use the same interface to communicate to both proxy-client applications. However, they must use different port numbers. If you attempt to configure the same interface or port number combination as the other proxy, a validation error will occur.


  • Configure the IDex connection by adding the IDex as a directory in the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall, see our help topic, Adding an IDex directory.


Tip: You can configure multiple interfaces to communicate with the IDex Client. However, you must make sure that all interfaces are configured to use the same port number.

  1. On the GUARDIAN menu, under the Client interfaces submenu, click IDex Client.
  2. Click Add interface, from the Interface list, select the interface that you want to add.
  3. Enter the Port number to use. We recommend that you use port 80 or 443, but you must make sure that the interface and port combination isn't already in use elsewhere on the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall.
  4. Enter a descriptive Comment, and then click Save changes.

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