About the dashboard

The dashboard shows you a high-level view of your Smoothwall services. To see a more detailed view of your services, see the Summary Page report. You can hide some of the sections from your dashboard and customize the controls displayed.

Support information

If you need to raise a support query, you can find useful details under the Support information section on the Dashboard page. For example, your Smoothwall Serial Number and Hardware ID.

Blocklist subscription

You need a valid license to receive the latest blocklist and download and install system updates. When your license expires, a notification message is displayed at the top of the Dashboard page, see our help topic, Viewing and managing licenses and subscriptions.


If you update your Smoothwall and go to the Dashboard but it's blank and the rest of the system is working fine, change the time zone from America/New York to any of the other time zones that are the same as New York, see our help topic, Setting the system's time and providing a time service.