Viewing and managing licenses and subscriptions

  • If you only have the Smoothwall Firewall but don't have Smoothwall Filter, you can't see the blocklist section.
  • Services such as the web filter, FTP proxy and SMTP relay, which use the antimalware service are paused while the Smoothwall Firewall downloads the latest signatures and restarts the malware service. This mode of working is mandatory because the Smoothwall Filter complies with Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) guidelines, see


To make sure that the Smoothwall can seamlessly download the blocklist and signatures, you must include the following URLs to your upstream proxies, if used:

  • http://*
  • https://*

You must make sure that this is in place before the Smoothwall attempts to download the blocklists or signatures.

Note: The information displayed depends on the Smoothwall product you're using.


  1. On the SYSTEM menu, under the Maintenance submenu, click Licenses.
  2. To install additional licenses:
    • Under the Licenses section, click Refresh license list. This updates the available license information via the Internet, and any new licenses are installed.
  3. To manually update blocklists:
    • Under the Subscriptions section, under the Blocklist subscription section, click Update.
  4. To download the signatures and restart the malware protection service:
    • Under the Licenses section, under the Antimalware section, click Update signatures now and click Restart antimalware engine with new signatures.