Setting the system's time and providing a time service


  1. On the SYSTEM menu, under the Preferences submenu, click Time.
    • To set the time and date, set the time and date either:
      • Use a time zone:
        • Under the Time zone section, from the Time zone list, select the appropriate time zone.
      • Set it manually:
        • Under the Time and date section, select Set and set the time and date.
      • Retrieve the time from time servers:
        1. Under the Network time retrieval section, select Enabled and select the time retrieval frequency from the Interval list that you want.
        2. To make sure that the time is written back to the Smoothwall hardware clock (the Real-Time Clock (RTC), select Save time to RTC.
          • To set the time as the average time retrieved from five random time servers, under the Network time servers section, select the Multiple random public servers option.
          • To use a public time server to set the time, under the Network time servers section, select the Selected single public server option and select one from the list.
          • To use a specific local or external time server, under the Network time servers section, select the User defined single public or local server option and enter the address of the time server.
    • To use the Smoothwall to provide a time service to synchronize the system clocks of local network hosts:
      • Under the Network time service interfaces section, select the relevant interface that other network hosts connect to for time services.
  2. Click Save.