Dashboard Page

Use this page to view a summary status of your Smoothwall Filter and Firewall.

Navigation: Dashboard.

External connection The status of any external interfaces configured on the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall.
System services The status of Core and Optional services. If available, you can click the service name to open the relevant page to configure the service.
Resource usage The status of various aspects of your Smoothwall Filter and Firewall hardware appliance. The load average is dynamic and will change when the load does. The load average is an abstract value and uses CPU load, memory load and disk load to create the load average number. This means that a high load does not necessarily mean that the CPU is busy. Often disk load is the main reason for high load average due to web filter logging and reporting database index creation, see our knowledge base article, Understanding the Load Average graph and numbers on a Smoothwall.
Disk Usage The amount of disk space that your Smoothwall Filter and Firewall is using and has free.
Tunnel VPN status The status of any VPNs configured on the system. If you're not licensed for Unified Threat Management, you can't see this option.
Recent alerts Displays important alerts from the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall, such as, memory usage, and system reboots.

Note: If you don't have the Smoothwall Filter license for the Guardian module, you can't see this Web Filter section.

Web filter
Recent blocks Lists recently blocked web requests.
Top domains (hits, 24 hours) Lists the most frequently visited domains in the last 24 hours.
Top domains (24 hours) Lists the most frequently requested domains in the last 24 hours.
Top viruses Lists the most frequently detected viruses on the system.
Proxy statistics Provides a statistical summary for the web proxy.
Quick policy tester Provides quick access to the basic functions of the policy tester. For a detailed description of how to use the policy tester, see our help topic, Testing policies.
Software UTM updates
Software UTM Updates Details of updates available for your Smoothwall.
Tip of the day
Tip of the day This feature shows you a tip on how to do something.
Support information
Support information This contains information about your Smoothwall that you might need when you raise a support request. Including your Serial number, the Hardware ID, Update level, the date and time it was installed at, when your license expires and the root file system.