About training

Note: You need to purchase the safeguarding online training from Smoothwall.

Ofsted inspectors need to see evidence that all staff and other adults working in your school are provided with development and training about protecting and caring for students within the school. They also require evidence that staff are aware of the signs that students might be at risk of harm either at the school or in the family or wider community outside of the school, including but not limited to, how to handle reports of sexual violence and harassment between children, both on and outside school premises, in line with the Department for Education’s guidance.

We provide this in the form of online training, which you get a certificate of proof at the end. If you choose to purchase training, this section appears in the left-hand navigation menu. Training must be done by everyone in the school. We update the training every time the legislation changes. Even if a user takes the training just days before the legislation changes and we update the training, they must retake the training.

Tip: You can search the UK governments website and find the latest updates. For example, Safeguarding children - Latest documents.