About IP restriction settings

When a student is enrolled onto a classroom session in the Teacher Portal, you can monitor and control their device, regardless of its physical location. However, you might not want to monitor, or be required, by law, to not monitor a student's device when it isn't physically on school premises.

You can restrict Smoothwall Classroom Manager to only work within your School's public IP address or range.

When you turn on IP restrictions and set either a single IP address or a range, any student's device connected to a network outside of this IP address or range is prevented from being monitored by Classroom Manager. In the Teacher Portal, the card for the student is still displayed when a session is running but if the student's device is outside of the range, the card displays an Out of range message and is shown as not connected. You should use your public IP address that your users use to access the internet. For example, the one a user would see when navigating to whatismyip.com. You can add many IP addresses or ranges to restrict access for Classroom Manager to.