Settings Page

Use this page to restrict Smoothwall Classroom Manager to only work within School's IP ranges.

Navigation: Classroom Manager > Settings.

Organizational units Your list of schools or districts that you have access to manage.
Restrict IP address ranges Indicates whether the Teacher Portal is restricted to only monitor devices within the listed public IP address ranges.
Disabled Indicates that IP restrictions aren't turned on and means that you can monitor and control any student's device enrolled onto a classroom session in the Teacher Portal.
Enabled Indicates that IP restrictions are turned on and means you can only monitor and control only student's devices within the specified IP address or range, enrolled onto a classroom session in the Teacher Portal.
Public IP address ranges The list of public IP addresses or ranges, in which any device is located, Classroom Manager can connect to and through the Teacher's Portal monitor and control the device. Any device located outside of the public IP address list, Classroom Manager can't be used to monitor or control the device.
Starting IP address range The first IP address in the range. If there is only one public IP address to restrict to, this will be the same as the IP address in Ending IP address range.
Ending IP address range The last IP address in the range. If there's only one public IP address to restrict, this will be the same as the IP address in Starting IP address range.
Description An optional comment so you can identify the public IP address or range, for example, Science Building or Library.
Remove Removes the card, unless this is the last card and then this just clears the card's contents.
+ Add IP range Adds another IP address range card to the page so that you can add another IP address or range.
Save Saves your changes. You need remove blank IP address cards on the page and make sure that the IP addresses are valid.